Friday, 20 December 2013

Gingerbread House

 We have made our first ever gingerbread house!

We borrowed a house cutter for all the pieces.

Then iced and decorated it while it was flat, waited for it all to set hard then glued it together with icing.

We had to glue in stages, first the sides, then roof then doors, chimney, people and trees.

We're saving it until Monday when Auntie Lizzie arrives and we're with the cousins, can't wait!

And today in the snail mail a letter from Santa in Lapland arrived, yippee!

And old elf friend of mine made it happen!  And Santa even sends his regards to our dog Chloe!  He knows everything!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Angelina and Alice's house

Check out what a certain someone in this house is getting for Christmas this year!  What was an old suitcase and a couple of dolls with 42 outfits from the op shop becomes............

First room is the lounge, the floor sits on top of all the clothes.

Now the bedroom

And out to the garden for a swing under the old apple tree!!

And all the rooms slot into the lid.  Perfect toy to take away for the holidays.


Hope she likes it!!  Idea inspired by project at Hart and sew

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Ornament Swap

Its that time of year again for Sew Funky's Christmas Ornament Swap. This is the third year for me and I love getting decorations in the snail mail.

Here mine are ready and waiting to go!  They will all be there by now.

Little christmas trees all slightly different, using up some of my scraps of cotton and wool.

And I've got a lovely load in the mail from my group.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas High Tea monday

It was our last high tea monday for the year so while the caravan was still out and set up and with beaut weather I decided to set up outside.

Decorated a wee bit for christmas too!!

The little people sat inside while the mummies sat outside.  Marco always makes sure everyone is well fed, piling up their plates!!

It was a lovely morning and I look forward to more next year.

Caravan isn't completely finished so will do a post soon when it is, its looking good.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Miss Lillie turns 7

Last friday night we celebrated Lillie's 7th birthday at home under the caravan awning.  She had 7 little girls join her for the evening with a strawberry theme. We have a strawberry picnic set and she'd be eyeing up the napkins!  Every time i went to use one i ended up putting it back as she said there wouldn't be enough for her party!!!

They made brooches and other little things out of du-kit which I baked for them.

We had a treasure hunt for them round the garden. 

Spin the beer bottle for presents was the main thing that Lillie wanted to do!!!

And yah for pinterest for food ideas.

The smallest two people had there very own table!

That pic of Dad just about says it all about the night!!!  We had a few tears from the birthday girl, all over being bossed about and argueing over game rules!!!  And Dad had strict instructions from the birthday girl, could he please have a shower and wear something nice!!

And pass the parcel, which little brother calls parcel parcel!

And the chocolate game which I can remember playing at parties as a kid.

Happy birthday Lillie!!

 The watermelon ice cream that we ran out of time and room in our bellies for, which we enjoyed for the rest of the weekend.

And the goodie bags that were at the end of the treasure hunt.