Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sunday Crafternoon

We borrowed this book from the library, its the first week of the school holidays and we had a very wet and cold weekend so it was good to have something to keep the kids occupied and me too!  We started on Saturday afternoon and the kids have asked to do crafternoon everyday since!  And they are big enoughnow to give them the craft box and they can get on with it themselves while I do some of my own craft.

So this is what I made while they played with buttons, cut up fabric and fiddled about.  Lillie chose the buttons for their letters while Marco flicked buttons everywhere!  

I was given this crochet lady by a friends Grandma who moved into a retirement home, along with the pattern so may have to give it a go now I've found a very small crochet hook.

We've just taken a window out of Lillies room so now I can fill the new wall with some crafty art from our crafternoon sessions.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

London quilt

We were recently sent a lovely pacel from my Aunty in England.  It was a pile of London themed patchwork squares so no time was wasted and I got straight to work sewing.

I labeled some of the things as wondered if the kids would know what a phone box was as there aren't any left round here and it broke up with black a bit too.

And the union jack turned out lovely!

And I discovered double sided iron on batting, it was great hardly needed any pins and it didn't move one bit!

Looks like I should have been weeding the garden instead of sewing!!!!!

Doily lampshade


I picked up a pile of old doilies from the hospice shop, hand washed them deliciately but a few holes still appeared after being washed.  I'm just learning to crochet so I'm starting to look at these doilies differently, so much work involved.


Then I covered a bare wire lamp shade for Lillie's room. Ta Dahhhh!

Linking up with Max for Op-Shop Show-Off

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Chopping boards - Op-shop show-off

I found these old chopping boards with the original care stickers on from Marks and Spencers.  They have never been used and don't have a mark on them. Label said do not chop on flower side, keep for show and chop on plain side.
Nice and compact and retro for the caravan, might even hang them in there.

Linking up with Max for Op-Shop Show-Off

Monday, 1 July 2013

The missing tooth

The wiggly tooth has finally fallen out but she swallowed it in the night!  She came in early in the morning and wondered where the tooth was, think she thought that the tooth fairy may have already taken even though it wasn't in the tooth pillow.  So we hunted all through the bed and couldn't find so she must have swallowed it.  She didn't seem too bothered but got straight to work writing this note!  I axadentlei swollowed my tooth!!  So cute!


Now we're trying all kinds of excuses not to eat this and that cos the tooth has gone.  Nice try Lillie!
And the tooth fairy left a note and money saying its ok to swallow but next time hope it doesn't happen as she needs teeth to built things around fairyland.