Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sunday Crafternoon

We borrowed this book from the library, its the first week of the school holidays and we had a very wet and cold weekend so it was good to have something to keep the kids occupied and me too!  We started on Saturday afternoon and the kids have asked to do crafternoon everyday since!  And they are big enoughnow to give them the craft box and they can get on with it themselves while I do some of my own craft.

So this is what I made while they played with buttons, cut up fabric and fiddled about.  Lillie chose the buttons for their letters while Marco flicked buttons everywhere!  

I was given this crochet lady by a friends Grandma who moved into a retirement home, along with the pattern so may have to give it a go now I've found a very small crochet hook.

We've just taken a window out of Lillies room so now I can fill the new wall with some crafty art from our crafternoon sessions.

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