Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hettie the Hedgehog

This is Hettie the Hedgehog, she is very soft and cuddly and goes to bed with Lillie every night.  She was very easy to crochet and now is waiting for two wee hedgehogs to be created!  Have the patterns waiting.

She looks like she had an old nana perm in her hair spikes!

And check out my new needle case my friend bought all the way back from London.

You can get hedgehog pattern here from Liz Ward or Simply Crochet magazine issue 11

Sunday, 10 August 2014

New cushions

Its been a while since writing here , have loads of photos sitting here waiting and loads of ideas in my head! Then thought I'd saved this to draft then there was a comment waiting so better get it finished.
This morning was a cracker frost, its been a really mild winter so far.

I've finally finished my cushions, made from old blankets, some saved from someones dump pile and op-shopped doilies!  They don't sit like that on the leather couch though, they slip right off!!

Lion-ee was happy sitting there with flamingo still in his night shirt and bib!!!

And Miss Lillie hopped back into my bed this morn you tube-ing loom band-ee letters, she is doing her name.

Here's an L, I got one too, L for lovely mummy!  Must be easier than K!!!  Hope to have few more catch up posts this week