Monday, 2 March 2015

Kiwi Chicks at Cape Kidnappers

Today we went to Cape Kidnappers to release two kiwi chicks.  They had been hatched at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua.  Grandad Bull got up early and picked them up from Rotorua and we met him out at Cape Kidnappers.

We carried them into the bush a bit until we found a nest and burrow that had been made up for them.  They keep them there with the fence around until they are used to the new surroundings.

They were called Manchitas and Woolly Bugger!

First Tamzin had to put a radio transmitter on their legs so they can keep an eye on them once they are released.

We had hoo hoo grubs for them but they weren't hungry.

Lillie and Marco both had a cuddle and pat.  Their feathers were sooo soft.

Then Tamzin took us to the bird aviary, we saw kaka and kakariki birds and we fed them the hoo hoo grubs.  Marco held the grubs out and slowly the kaka came to grab them.  First they pull the head off the grub then suck out the inside, all yummy and juicy!

What a great day we had!  The chicks only stay there a few months then are released elsewhere when they are bigger.