Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This is what we've been up to lately........its a bit old but still having trouble loading photos, better do loads more while I can !!
Every second tuesday six of us come to my house for a bit of craft, a cuppa, lots of yummy food and a chat. Some of us crochet, some mend, and others make all kinds of things.

New hats for the kids, got this great book from the library, first I got out the wool stash then they chose what they wanted and as I prefer to crochet this is what they ended up with, a koala and a bear, not sure about bears eyes, bit creepy!!  The pattern was so easy and just measure the head and can make any size you need with some easy calculations



Little brother wasn't keen on having his photo taken so big sis modelled his hat.

And from the Simply Crochet magazine some lovely heart squares, hoping to make enough for a blanket, I really need to concentrate making them though.
And our wee friend Maddie got a new petal house from the op shop but had no one to live in it so I made her a couple of wee mice.

Miss Lillie had art deco day at school, they played lots of old games from the 1930's and learnt all about the 1931 earthquake that rocked Napier.

And finally we have been enjoying lots of yummy feijoas, our trees are only small but the feijoas are massive this year, apple and feijoa juice is a favourite, feijoas go in whole, skin and all.