Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Today we are saying goodbye to our craft night friend Leeanne, she passed away on Saturday.  So last night we made a lovely wreath for her, we all do different crafts so we had flowers made from fabric, crocheted and felted.

Leeanne was full of knowledge, whenever we needed some ideas she was full of them.  We had a lovely evening sitting round the table making this for her.  We will miss her at craft night.  

And here we are picnicing last month on a garden tour celebrating Lillie's 8th birthday.  She'd ask me every week when am I going to get blogging again so Leeanne here it is, this ones for you,  I will keep at it now, have loads to tell, later.

Rest in peace Leeanne, we'll miss you

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hettie the Hedgehog

This is Hettie the Hedgehog, she is very soft and cuddly and goes to bed with Lillie every night.  She was very easy to crochet and now is waiting for two wee hedgehogs to be created!  Have the patterns waiting.

She looks like she had an old nana perm in her hair spikes!

And check out my new needle case my friend bought all the way back from London.

You can get hedgehog pattern here from Liz Ward or Simply Crochet magazine issue 11

Sunday, 10 August 2014

New cushions

Its been a while since writing here , have loads of photos sitting here waiting and loads of ideas in my head! Then thought I'd saved this to draft then there was a comment waiting so better get it finished.
This morning was a cracker frost, its been a really mild winter so far.

I've finally finished my cushions, made from old blankets, some saved from someones dump pile and op-shopped doilies!  They don't sit like that on the leather couch though, they slip right off!!

Lion-ee was happy sitting there with flamingo still in his night shirt and bib!!!

And Miss Lillie hopped back into my bed this morn you tube-ing loom band-ee letters, she is doing her name.

Here's an L, I got one too, L for lovely mummy!  Must be easier than K!!!  Hope to have few more catch up posts this week

Friday, 13 June 2014

Dyeing crochet cotton

A while back I bought a bag of white cotton including half a front of a jumper knitted up and the 80's pattern from the Sallies for a few bucks.  Thought I could dye it to suit my living room, and the colours in my curtains to make a wall full of mandalas.  So this is how it goes... 

I started to search online how to dye with plants and food and had a bag of cranberries in the freezer so used them to dye the below lot.  I had to do it all as soon as i 'd started reading up about it!!  Took about a week to dry and faded alot so then I thought I'd just buy some dyes.

This is the curtain fabric that I wanted to match the cotton to. 



I went to Spotlight and got some blue and red dylon dyes and found some green food colouring in the cupboard so here they are below. 
They just looked so lovely in the pot!! like coloured spaghetti!!

Once I'd done the red and blue and taken cotton out I tipped colours together and made purple!  Yah!!!

And here they are all wound up, still a bit damp but wanted to crack on making the mandalas so the basket has been living by the fire to finish off drying them.  The yellow one I already had.  Very pleased with the results!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lisa's stationery swap

A wee while back I took part in Lisa's stationery swap.  I had Leonie as my swap partner and this is what she sent me.  All wrapped up in a lovely piece of retro fabric.

This is what I got in my parcel! Even some lollypops for the kids.  Those animal post-its are sooo cute.

And this is what I sent Leonie, all wrapped up in a vintage tablecloth.

Thanks Lisa for organising a great swap.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mandalas for Yarndale 2014

I've been busy making and playing round with mandalas and this is one I've sent to Lucy from Attic 24 to display at Yarndale 2014 in Yorkshire.  Mine is the top one and my friend Kara made the bottom one.  Mine is made with cotton and Kara's is wool.  You paint PVA glue on the back and they go a bit stiffer so can hang flat on wall.  They are really easy and quick to make and look lovely.  Lucy has a pattern in her above link.  And she has a Pinterest board with all the hundreds of mandalas she has received so far.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This is what we've been up to lately........its a bit old but still having trouble loading photos, better do loads more while I can !!
Every second tuesday six of us come to my house for a bit of craft, a cuppa, lots of yummy food and a chat. Some of us crochet, some mend, and others make all kinds of things.

New hats for the kids, got this great book from the library, first I got out the wool stash then they chose what they wanted and as I prefer to crochet this is what they ended up with, a koala and a bear, not sure about bears eyes, bit creepy!!  The pattern was so easy and just measure the head and can make any size you need with some easy calculations



Little brother wasn't keen on having his photo taken so big sis modelled his hat.

And from the Simply Crochet magazine some lovely heart squares, hoping to make enough for a blanket, I really need to concentrate making them though.
And our wee friend Maddie got a new petal house from the op shop but had no one to live in it so I made her a couple of wee mice.

Miss Lillie had art deco day at school, they played lots of old games from the 1930's and learnt all about the 1931 earthquake that rocked Napier.

And finally we have been enjoying lots of yummy feijoas, our trees are only small but the feijoas are massive this year, apple and feijoa juice is a favourite, feijoas go in whole, skin and all. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Art Deco Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we had Art Deco Weekend in our town, its a huge event for the area and loads of fun, you can read more about it here, its on every February.  We went to the friday night picnic and watch the planes fly over.

The kids always have a ball racing around in wagons and our little red wooden car.  Always good for carrying our picnic as well!

Its always the hottest day of the year!  Lillie had put shorts on just in case she needed to whip her dress off in the heat!

And on sunday we went out to the airport and checked out all of the old planes and the army and navy helicopters.