Monday, 7 September 2015


Back in 2013 we were given this little house, it looked nothing like this when we got it.  the lovely neighbour had no use for it and the birds were nesting in it so we took our little loader up there, took a few fence pails off and hooked it on (can't find the photos of the removal, i'll keep hunting).  i was going to post when I'd painted it and our house as well but its never happened and was asked to send a few pics of it to a friend so here it is.

We reroofed with leftovers from our new roof, changed the verandah around, changed the door, now perfect for serving coffees as its usually used as a cafe.  I trawled the op shops for pots and cups and saucers.

Maybe this summer I'll get painting! The kids look so young back then!