Monday, 10 March 2014

Art Deco Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we had Art Deco Weekend in our town, its a huge event for the area and loads of fun, you can read more about it here, its on every February.  We went to the friday night picnic and watch the planes fly over.

The kids always have a ball racing around in wagons and our little red wooden car.  Always good for carrying our picnic as well!

Its always the hottest day of the year!  Lillie had put shorts on just in case she needed to whip her dress off in the heat!

And on sunday we went out to the airport and checked out all of the old planes and the army and navy helicopters.

Crochet beads

My latest project is these crochet beads out of last months Simply Crochet magazine.  They were quick and easy and just used embroidery cottons I had in my stash.  Could have been a bit longer but ran out of wooden beads!

I love the way they look just sitting in the basket.

And they'll go with any colour top too.