Monday, 10 March 2014

Crochet beads

My latest project is these crochet beads out of last months Simply Crochet magazine.  They were quick and easy and just used embroidery cottons I had in my stash.  Could have been a bit longer but ran out of wooden beads!

I love the way they look just sitting in the basket.

And they'll go with any colour top too.


  1. Oh yes, these look so fun. I'd love a string of them myself. But first things first, I have to learn the basic stitch. Well actually i've just learn't that but this looks to complicated at the mo. I'd love if you posted a pic of the finished product x

    1. These are the finished product! keep trying it does get easier, I only started last year.

  2. Room four is loving your creative talents. The girls love the necklace.