Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fabric flowers using up scrap fabric

These fabric flowers are a great way to use up some of your bigger scraps.  You could make smaller or bigger than I have or even join bits together. And I had to go and collect all the sticks that I have been throwing over into the orchard that fall on my driveway!
You will need
Strips of fabric
Glue gun
Needle and thread or sewing machine
First you need to cut strips about 13cm by 115cm, some of mine were shorter, just used up what I had.

Iron them in half long ways then cut out like below, rectangle strip in about 10cm then scallop the cut raw fabric edge, scallops about 7cm wide.

Next open out and run a gathering stitch all along the folded ironed edge. (forgot to photgraph that bit!)  And normal stitch along scalloped edge.

Then gather up along floded edge then you are ready to glue.

Tie the end in a knot and place onto stick and glue, you can fiddle round to make it a nice little bud if you feel the need.

The just start glueing round bit by bit and holding just till it sets till you have a nice looking flower.

Idea was from here so take a look for a more detailed tutorial.


  1. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! I LOVE how you used sticks for stems! I do hope that I can create something like these one day as I get better with my machine! You are so very talented and your blog is so stunning! A wonderful weekend to you!!! Nicole

  2. Just beautiful. Do you reckon I could re-create these by hand sewing them??? x
    My daughter will be so excited x

  3. oh my gosh these are so lovely! I got a glue gun for Christmas 2012 (yes a whole year ago), at last a project to use it on - nothing has inspired me til now. Will have to go stick hunting soon:) Come visit me at emerald, my new blog, I'll be adding a link to your blog tomorrow :) Jillxx