Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pair of old suitcases - Op-shop show-off

I've had these two lovely old suitcases for a few months now and just remembered I haven't shown them off.  They were from the Salvation Army family store for cheap!  They were inside each other so when i picked one up I was excited to find two for cheap.  The sallies lady said the owner had bought them in herself and they'd had a little chat about them.   

Great place to store extra duraware picnic bits and pieces!

And all the original stickers still there, she came out from Southampton on the S. S Northern Star many years ago.

Linking up with Max for Op-shop Show-off.


  1. Seriously cool. Love they still have all their stickers. Found you via the Op Shop show off

  2. I always have my eye out for suitcases while op-shopping. They make such pretty storage.
    Your two sure look they have had a well travelled past.

  3. Love those vintage cases - and the stickers! Well done :)