Friday, 13 June 2014

Dyeing crochet cotton

A while back I bought a bag of white cotton including half a front of a jumper knitted up and the 80's pattern from the Sallies for a few bucks.  Thought I could dye it to suit my living room, and the colours in my curtains to make a wall full of mandalas.  So this is how it goes... 

I started to search online how to dye with plants and food and had a bag of cranberries in the freezer so used them to dye the below lot.  I had to do it all as soon as i 'd started reading up about it!!  Took about a week to dry and faded alot so then I thought I'd just buy some dyes.

This is the curtain fabric that I wanted to match the cotton to. 



I went to Spotlight and got some blue and red dylon dyes and found some green food colouring in the cupboard so here they are below. 
They just looked so lovely in the pot!! like coloured spaghetti!!

Once I'd done the red and blue and taken cotton out I tipped colours together and made purple!  Yah!!!

And here they are all wound up, still a bit damp but wanted to crack on making the mandalas so the basket has been living by the fire to finish off drying them.  The yellow one I already had.  Very pleased with the results!


  1. Does anyone know why my writing has gone up side of pictures??? It was under pictures till i published it

  2. Sorry no. I don't do computers at all well. Your yarn looks fantasic. I guess you can't stir it or it tangles up? x

  3. Your yarn is beautiful friend!!!! Wow! That is a cool project....let us know how it goes!!! Happy week to you!!! Nicole xo

  4. Wow those colours are fantastic :) I'd never given serious thought to yarn dying but now I'd love to have a go (I was going to say "dying to have a go" but that was too cheesey LOL)

  5. Yes, just like coloured spaghetti! What fun. I've never dyed yarn before (or anything, other than my hair, for that matter) but it came out really well and now you have some beautiful colours to work with. x