Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Op Shop show off - Basket and wool holder

Haven't been for for a while, been busy painting caravans and sewing curtains!
But a few weeks ago I found this basket.  Perfect for knitting wools and crochet cottons.  Looks so nice and bright with them all in it.  I found it at the local Hospice shop. 

And this I found ages ago and was going to keep for felt pens in the caravan as I didn't know what it was, then I was reading through some blogs and found whats its really for, holding wool still while knittng or crocheting so your wool doesn't fly all round the place.  It works great so sorry kids its mine now!!

Back in the 70's everyone seemed to have a basket similar to this (except my mum!), I think I even did a bit of basket work at school, would love to have a go now. It has hole in base where handle meets base but doesn't effect it even loaded up. I'll have a go at fixing it up somehow.

It was very grimey when we got it, gave it a good scrub trying not to get base too wet but think I'll have to have another go from the look of this close up!!

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  1. oh what lovely finds! I have seen one of those wool holder gadgets before and had no idea about it's use, i thought it was just some basket weaver gone a bit crazy on the design front! lovely to have you linking in. for some reason i can't click on your image and come over hear, but i could by clicking on your comment. hooefully it's just my blog being difficult and not yours. have a great week x

  2. Beautiful woven pieces. I shall have to be on the lookout for a pretty basket like this. x