Monday, 24 June 2013

Campervan. Op-Shop Show-Off

I found this great campervan at the local church op-shop for $3.50.
The kids love it and its of the same era as our dolls house so we have all the people and pets to go with it.  You just climb onto the roof and whip the boat off and it opens out to a boat jetty with deck and full kitchen!

Lillie was putting them all to bed, having a bit of trouble with the blankets that she already had saying they were all way too big and could I make some smaller so i crocheted some in the same-ish kind of colour scheme!!



There is even a built in dog box in the back of the van. That's actually Queenies corgie not the dolls house dog!

The fully equiped kitchen with freshly caught fish baking in the oven.

Linking up with Max for Op-Shop Show-Off


  1. That is absolutely fantastic. I didnt have one as a kid, but i really wanted one. Cute touch to make wee blankies too x

  2. childhood self is a wee bit jealous right now!!. FUN! x