Monday, 24 June 2013

Little blankets

I have some merino that I thought I might make some real baby blankets to sell but just wanted to test the iron on tear off paper I bought to put behind applique.  So decided it was better to make something useful rather than test a patch of merino.  And I couldn't make one with two children!!! Didn't want any fights so there is a girls version for baby Anna-Maria and the boys for baby Joe.  They are backed with cotton knit and don't they look cosy!

The kids have been carting them round all weekend with different toys and the iron on tear off paper worked well so now i have to get sewing.

This is how it all started.  My brother had a new baby and we made a blanket for him then everyone said why don't you make some to sell. 

And here we are meeting baby Jed and delivering his  blanket.

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