Wednesday, 18 September 2013


On Saturday my little family said they'd like to take me out for a coffee because we hadn't done anything apart from have cake in bed the day before, they asked me where I'd like to go and told me we were going to leave at 1.30pm.  So 1.30pm comes and we were still having lunch, dad was rushing everyone to get in the car, I said we should just go later but he still kept rushing us.  So then we are driving, we drove past the cafe of my choice and were wondering where we were going.  The we pull up to this cafe, I notice a few cars that I know and then the penny drops, its a surprise tea party! 

There was a large table full of my female friends and family, some had travelled from the other side of the island, they had snuck into town the night before.  I had wondered why everyone had been avoiding me the last few days!  They didn't want to spill the beans!

The table was laid beautifully complete with handmade upcycled napkins which I am allowed to keep.  Lillie stayed for two minutes then was whisked away to go and fetch her cousins who were waiting for her at one of the husbands house.

Layers of cakes, scones, slices and sandwiches came to the table and I wished I hadn't just had my lunch!!

And there was a pile of presents waiting for me at my seat too.  Then there was cupcakes and candles to blow out then we all got two cupcakes in a cute takeaway case to take home.  And someone took all these amazing photos.

And above this was the sewing helper for the napkins!

And this is the chief secret squirrel organiser!!! Thank you all so much. I had a great afternoon and yes i was very surpried!  You are all good secret keepers!

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  1. Ah, what lovely family and friends to do this for you! The napkins are beautiful! x