Friday, 13 September 2013


Today I turned 40!  Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, sounds old!!!
It all started at 6am with chocolates and presents in bed, then cake for breakfast!

Once the kids were at school and preschool I went to a friends house for a lovely morning tea, felt like we were at the Ritz for high tea!  Thanks ladies was a fun morning and I came home with armfuls of great presents.

We didn't even get to the birthday cake so we all took a wedge home for avo tea.

My Cath collection is growing, roll on summer and picnics, I'm all set to go.

And this is what I bought myself, been using already, the hooks are lovely to use and I love the book.  Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday! It looks like you have been treated well. I'm 41. And a half. Yikes. Your a spring chicken to me!

  2. Happy birthday Kerrie! You're both spring chickens to me! x

    1. Thank you! A little older and alot wiser!! ha ha. love your hedgehog pics, so cute. I learnt alot about them too!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday. Just love the look of your High Tea. And am dead set jealous of your Cath Kidston collection! Have a wonderful week. Elaina xo